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Gutiérrez Berríos & Co. seeks to provide a solution to the actual development of a welcoming state by partnering with businesses and organizations to move forward in becoming welcoming spaces for all.

“Meeting clients where they are” is truly the main driver of this cutting edge virtual professional services corporation that seeks to integrate mutual long-term growth for both client and provider.

Offering access to all matters related to immigrants, immigration, and welcoming spaces for all. Not only does Gutiérrez Berríos & Co. provide direct legal services, through Immigrant Advocates, LLC on behalf of individual clients; it also caters to businesses and not-for-profit organizations to integrate their missions, spaces, staff, management, and services to be inclusive of immigrants.
This strategy increases likelihood of success all around especially when implemented with quality control and result-driven business management. Because we love organizing and identifying with movement lawyering, we also partner with other immigration attorneys and law firms to aid in their quality control, system development, training, and retention management within the substantive work of immigration law and practice. Additionally, we target the intersectionality of the issue in addressing health and Cannabis-related laws including their impact on immigrants and mixed status families in the United States. Together, they compose the services, target market, and competitive advantage in store for Gutiérrez Berríos & Co.
Regardless of whether working with an individual, corporate, or organizational client, Gutiérrez Berríos & Co. promotes the long-term growth of our clients through the informed decision-making model.