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“My name is Estrellita. I am Immigrant Advocates, LLC's client. To say they are good attorneys, have a good trusting relationship with me, that includes work being well done; I feel very happy with them. I would love for her services to reach and expand to many others so that they too can feel the satisfaction that comes in light of their work.”

Estrellita, client since 2020

“For now, you will be our first check-in for any Chicago coverage. We really appreciate your help!”Rebekah G. Grafton, Esq., attorney coverage in 2021

Rebekah G. Grafton, Esq., attorney coverage in 2021

“Iris and Valerie are not just my lawyers, they are like sisters to me. They are very kind, they took my case without knowing who I am. Even after I won my case, they help me file for my children. They always call me to make sure am ok. Two of them are the most wonderful people I have in my life. I don’t know how to thank them for everything they’ve done for me. Thank you so much Iris and Valerie for everything.”

Chika, client since 2017

Welcome to Gutiérrez Berríos & Co.

Noting the significance of breaking silence and creating safe spaces for all, at GB&C we vow to meet the client where they are. We promote building bridges between the cultural and mixed values surrounding GB&C. We respect and merit differing opinions. Our overall success is possible when each party intentionally contributes to their own growth and identifies their next steps in their role within society. We work directly with at-risk peoples – regardless of immigration status – who understand that everyone is worthy of fundamental human rights. They are the willing to engage in integrative education at all levels: train, educate, and contract. GB&C. is a social ED-tech startup seeking to dismantle inequity by giving voice and space to communities so they can advocate for themselves no matter where they are.

We provide boutique

legal services

For clients who, many times, would otherwise be unable to afford such services. Our healing centered approach ensures that the clients’ long-term growth continues regardless of immigration status by making social, financial, and health intervention for our clients. This results in transparent and trusting attorney-client relationships as well as better overall results in clients’ legal matters.

Services we offer

& Citizenship




We offer

Gutiérrez Berríos & Co. is a professional services corporation owned by attorney Iris C. Gutiérrez Berríos addressing the needs of three types of potential clients.

Our greatest asset is our team of smart dedicated professionals

Iris Gutíerrez Berríos
Meet Our Team
Iris Gutíerrez Berríos


Asked Questions

Why you should hire a healing-centered attorney and professional services corporation?

You should hire a healing-centered attorney and professional services corporation because you want to contribute to the overall wellbeing of society. More than individual client services, healing-centered services, focus on how both individual and collective can collaborate to generate mutually beneficial growth and relationships. This is the secret sauce that we bring into 100% of our client relationships.

What are boutique legal services?

Boutique legal services are specialized, and customized legal services geared specifically for you, not some other client with a similar case. This provides for better and more high-end service.

What kind of legal services do we provide?

We provide legal services related to matters of immigration law, criminal law, family law, and guardianship law. Our criminal, family, and guardianship practices are limited. In criminal law, representation is limited to simple traffic matters such as driving without a license or insurance, this also includes some moving violations in Cook County and collar counties. In terms of family and probate law, we are talking about services geared towards immigrant children in need of predicate orders in state court to pursue special protection for immigrant juveniles in the United States.

What is Immigrant Advocates, LLC?

Born in 2017, Immigrant Advocates, LLC has become the holistic legal services component of GB&C.

Why choose Gutiérrez Berríos & Co.?

GB&Co. services are the only ones that will integrate healing-centered, racially aware, and education-oriented services at all levels that foster long term individual and collective growth.
How do we define growth? By meeting the client where they are, we define growth by the standards of the client balanced against with what healing and informed-centered doctrines dictate.

Value, Guidance & Direction

We invite you to learn about the firm, the services we provide, and the talent we have ready to serve you.

We are available for consultations and meetings by phone and video technology, including Google Meet and Zoom.