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Noting the significance of breaking silence and creating safe spaces for all, at GB&C we vow to meet the client where they are. We promote building bridges between the cultural and mixed values surrounding GB&C. We respect and merit differing opinions. Our overall success is possible when each party intentionally contributes to their own growth and identifies their next steps in their role within society. We work directly with at-risk peoples – regardless of immigration status – who understand that everyone is worthy of fundamental human rights. They are the willing to engage in integrative education at all levels: train, educate, and contract. GB&C. is a social ED-tech startup seeking to dismantle inequity by giving voice and space to communities so they can advocate for themselves no matter where they are.

We know that isolation and alienation are nothing new to the immigrant community. We hope to bridge and stitch the bond between our fellow immigrant and society around. Correlating to our direct legal services, an ecosystem taking some of the burden off immigrants and mixed status peoples and families. Funding internal training and cultural development - in a youth-centered manner - that allows us to put forth workshops centering long-term growth.

Moreover, our flexible virtual services, strategic partnerships, and team have demonstrated a welcoming environment for all. With our diversity, equity, and inclusion workshops, we aim to expand our market to include immigration as well as cannabis law resources, education, training, and representation despite race, access, or privilege. This gives GB&C. maximized chances of helping not only local individuals, businesses, and organizations; but also those stationed outside of the country.

We have developed an ecosystem, where we tackle common injustices and difficulties together in community and coalition building. Along with our services, our main goal for GB&C. is to dismantle inequity and racism all while expanding our connections with our clients and organizational partners. On the conversation of expanding our clientele, we at GB&C. acknowledge that everyone is undergoing miscellaneous amount of life circumstances; therefore, we offer a pricing scale made especially for you and your case. All factors are considered and include income, family circumstances, service options, and all priorities. GB&C. will be fair and considerate to each individual, company, or organization approaching our model.

With the diverse communities we already work with, we hope to bring together more minorities in need of our training, education, and consultations. At GB&C we value our decision makers, clients’ input and lived experiences. We help educate and train all our clients, contractors, volunteers, and employees on the importance of healing to combat systemic issues arising in everyday cycles. Regardless of political views, hardships, and circumstances, we focus on one common goal which is beneficial long-term growth for everyone.