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The Coalition to Bring Jazmine Home is a group of persons in the U.S. interested in being part of Jazmine’s return home. We are the ones that will do more than just sign a petition. Jazmine is a trans woman living in hiding in The Philippines where she has endured significant abuse, both before and since her deportation from the US in 2019. Given the barriers faced by lawful permanent residents in this country, especially when they have an arrest history, she never applied for US citizenship like her mother did before her. Upon return from receiving transitional care in The Philippines in 2017, she was arrested at Chicago O’Hare and subjected to mandatory immigration detention until her eventual deportation in 2019. She recognizes the US as her home and her family is also in the US. Not only does she need to be in the US as a matter of safety; she needs to return home as a matter of health. Her physical and emotional health have been severely impacted by all of this, that have caused her to this day, live in hiding as a straight man in a country she does not recognize as home. We formed the coalition to take action and do something about it.
Thank you so much for joining us.


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