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We provide boutique

Legal Services

We provide boutique legal services for clients who, many times, would otherwise be unable to afford such services. Our healing centered approach ensures that the clients’ long-term growth continues regardless of immigration status by making social, financial, and health intervention for our clients. This results in transparent and trusting attorney-client relationships as well as better overall results in clients’ legal matters. 

Healing-centered legal representation related, but not limited to: family, criminal, and immigration legal matters.

Family Petitions
Children’s Matters
Non-Immigrant Visas
Matters related to obtaining SIJS predicate orders in state court
Traffic matters related to driving without a license and insurance
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Temporary Protected Status
Humanitarian Relief
Removal defense and asylum matters accepted on a case by case basis

Professional & Consulting Services

We offer these clients a full-range of services geared to bridging the gap between immigrants and the society that surrounds them.

Capacity development subjects include areas such as Immigration 101, the rights of employees and independent contractors and the effect of cannabis laws.

Consulting services include providing expert support on immigrant integration such that welcoming spaces for all can be adequately crafted

Attorney & Legal Contracting Services

Immigration law is traversed with trauma, stress, and transactional nightmares.

Attorney contracting services may be bundled or unbundled to include everything from quality control development, template creation, staff training and support.

Other, simple services include acting on behalf of other attorneys or helping in their workload.